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Mobile, Maths

Dragonbox Elements by We Want To Know


Dragonbox Elements is a tactile new Maths game with a focus on 2D geometry. The aim of the game is to help the player recognise and interact with a variety of geometric shapes.
One of the joys of the game is that the player literally draws out the puzzles by tracing over a number of set co-ordinates that form the basis of each challenge. Once a shape is drawn out it spawns a monster! These geometric gremlins are able to affect the geometry on screen when the player highlights certain properties around them such as the matching sides of an equilateral triangle. Each time the gremlin finds themselves at the centre of newly highlighted bit of geometry they evolve into a new breed of creature complete with new powers that can affect the gameplay. Once all the key shapes have been revealed the newly evolved gremlins can escape their mathematical confines and the level is completed. The game has a pleasing difficulty curve although the lack of a help function can (on occasion) leave you scratching your head for the appropriate action. Nevertheless DragonBox Elements is a polished and intriguing way to look at geometry for students of any age.

Why we love it:

  • Original and intriguing Maths based puzzle game.
  • Intuitive tactile interface.
  • A gentle and satisfying difficulty curve.

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10 by iojoe


10 is an addictive mash-up of Sudoku and a classic sliding block puzzler which will hone your mental arithmetic and problem solving proficiency. Slide number blocks together to create 10s, once a block becomes 10 it’s rendered immovable, encouraging you to plan your path to perfection. Initially simple it quickly descends into obsessive, head-scratching territory; your brain will thank you.

Why we love it:

  • Incredibly simple pick up and play mechanic.
  • Dozens of levels with an increasing variety of blocks.
  • Works your arithmetic and problem solving skills.

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Wuzzit Trouble by Innertube Games


Set inside a trap-riddled castle, Wuzzit Trouble is an educational puzzle game which teaches mathematical conceptual thinking. Where other educational games use the gameplay as a mask to hide the learning, Wuzzit Trouble’s gameplay is the learning. The game introduces the idea of mathematical experimentation and encourages the idea of refining and improving your strategies for playing, all in the name of releasing the cute and fuzzy Wuzzits.

Why we love it:

  • Original gear-based mechanic.
  • Appealing characters.
  • Improves multiple skills- suitable for a variety of ages.

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Little Digits by Cowly Owl


Little Digits is an early learning maths app which helps young children learn to count. Using the multi-touch capability on the iPad, kids can use their fingers to count, learning to associate numbers on the screen with the number of fingers they place down. Simple addition and subtraction exercises help kids get to grips with basic arithmetic, all wrapped up in a lovely graphic interface.

Why we love it:

  • Well designed with great illustrations that children love.
  • Engaging exercises well suited to the target age group.
  • Innovative use of iPad multi-gesture functionality.

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Equator by Tigerface Games


Equator is a puzzle game about balancing sums and equations. Using a split-screen mechanic, two players can collaborate to solve puzzles on the same device. The interface is very tactile, with lots of cute and interesting characters representing the operations, and a delightful seasons theme unfolding as the game progresses. Equator starts simple and is easy to pick up, but also scales up to more complex sums.

Why we love it:

  • Unique 2 player collaboration mechanic.
  • Friendly theme makes the content approachable.
  • Plenty of levels and variation for practicing sums.

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Slice It! by Com2Us


Slice It! is a puzzle game about proportions and slicing up shapes to solve discreetly geometry themed puzzles. Using a tactile graph paper theme, the puzzles introduce proportions and ratios in a really fun and addictive way. The slicing mechanic is extremely easy to pick up, but the game also offers plenty of challenge in pursuit of mastery and that perfect score.

Why we love it:

  • Loads of levels for skill honing and understanding.
  • Friendly interface despite being maths themed.
  • Enjoyable and challenging for a wide range of ages.

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Move the Turtle by Next Is Great


Move the Turtle is a sweet iOS game aimed at teaching the basics of code and programming. It’s built for kids, but also works as a fun basic introduction to coding for anyone that’s interested. Presented as a series of puzzles in which you need to get the turtle to a diamond, the game gradually feeds you different functions, becoming more and more complex at a surprisingly digestible pace. Before you know it, you’re dealing with complex sequences that make real coding seem like a much less daunting task.

Why we love it:

  • Well paced with feedback that helps the player to learn.
  • Starts simple but gradually covers complex coding concepts.
  • Young-player friendly theme that makes coding fun.

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International Racing Squirrels by Playniac


International Racing Squirrels is a race management sim featuring a gang of racing squirrels looking to get to the top of the racing tree. Using squirrel related in-play trading, the game helps players learn about bank accounts, credit cards and general budgeting and financial planning. Oh, and you get to race squirrels too!

Why we love it:

  • Potentially dry subject, brought to life for mid teen audiences.
  • Multiplatform – available on browser and iOS
  • Browser version of the game is free.

Buy it for iOS or play it online (Free)

DragonBox 2 by We Want To Know


DragonBox 2 is a simple and compelling game designed to hook kids and adults into algebra, making a potentially difficult subject accessible. Dragon Box starts simply, but before you know it, you’re solving complex puzzles and learning and applying the rules of algebra (multiplication, division, fractions, factoring etc).

Why we love it:

  • Makes a potentially difficult subject accessible and FUN!
  • Early introduction to the subject prior to school.
  • Good use of abstract icons to introduce complex methods
  • Well balanced learning trajectory and puzzle challenge
  • It’s huge – loads of levels!

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