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Mobile, Health

Nightmare: Malaria by Psyop


In Nightmare: Malaria you must navigate two worlds – Blood and Brain – set inside a young girl suffering from malaria. Your aim is to kill mosquitoes and save teddy bears. It’s justifiably dark – malaria kills over a million people worldwide every year. Whilst the game is completely free, you will be prompted to donate throughout, with 100% of proceeds going straight to the Against Malaria Foundation.

Why we love it:

  • Graphic, fevered visuals add to the nightmarish atmosphere.
  • The in-game donations.
  • Featuring the voice of Susan Sarandon!

Get it for iOS or Android

The Walk by Six to Start


The Walk is an adaptive fitness app from the makers of Zombies, Run! and the NHS. With over three month’s worth of super immersive story telling, and hundreds of miles of walking, it helps to establish long term fitness habits. Broader in its appeal than the aforementioned Zombies, Run! The Walk begins with a terrorist attack at Inverness Station. You must escape the city and walk the length of the country, deciding who to trust along the way. The app tracks your steps, how long you’ve walked for, and rewards you with adventure to keep you moving.

Why we love it:

  • Gameplay adjusts its difficulty based on the individual.
  • Motivates long term activity habits.
  • Packed with maps, collectible items and engaging characters.

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Plague Inc. by Ndemic Creations.

plague2 2

Plague Inc. is a strategy game where the aim is to kill off the world’s population. By engineering a disease, you affect transmission, mutation and possible cure rates. It teaches how diseases spread and can kill through factors like hygiene, economics and human transit. It also uses historic comparison of epidemics like The Black Death and Spanish ‘Flu. It’s unsettlingly satisfying to see each country turn a bloody red, and read the news of attempts to defeat you, but ultimately, the game is a reminder of human fragility.

Why we love it:

  • Sometimes it’s fun to be evil!
  • Unexpected teachings on world geography.
  • A great mix of science and horror.

Buy it for iOS or Android

Nom Nation by Playerthree & Channel 4

nomnation (1)

Nom Nation is a retro platformer in which you learn about nutrition. You play as Chef, whose mission is to defeat an evil fast food peddling clown, and return the Holy Book to the Noms. By eating different noms you get different powers, protein gives you super punches, sugar and caffeine give you speed, fat makes you, well, fat. But muncher beware, foods can have lethal long term effects too…

Why we love it:

  • It’s funny and irreverent.
  • Great chiptune soundtrack.
  • Teaches healthy eating without being worthy.

Play it online or on iOS (both free)

Zombies, Run! by Six to Start


Zombies, Run! is an ultra-immersive running game for iOS and Android, in which you run through a series of missions to escape zombies in the town of Abel. You collect goodies along the way, and form friendships with the characters you run with as you try to survive.

Why we love it:

  • Focuses on having fun whilst being active.
  • Entertainment and fitness combined in a new way.
  • Involved storyline keeps you motivated.

Buy it for iOS or Android